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Nobody should be burdened by unjust medical bills.

We would love to help everyone who needs assistance — but can’t, yet. We are working on ways to help individuals, but cannot currently target medical debt forgiveness to a specific person.

Do I quality for debt forgiveness?

You qualify if you:
Earn less than 2x the federal poverty level (varies by state, family size).
Have debts that are 5 percent or more of annual income.
Are facing insolvency — debts are greater than assets.

Medical Debt Forgivness Registry

What is the Registry?

Though we cannot currently forgive the debt of targeted individuals. RIP offers a Medical Debt Forgiveness Registry that allows us to:
  1. Notify you when we have the ability to target your debt specifically.
  2. Notify you if, in rare circumstances, we locate your debt within a larger pool of debt that we are able to purchase.

Please include as much information as are comfortable sharing. This information is used to find your individual medical debt among thousands, so the more information you provide, the better.

RIP is HIPAA compliant

You can list creditor names, account numbers, and exact amounts due.

Join the Registry