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This is a fundraiser to abolish medical debt for Michigan. Give today to help those in need — no amount is too small to make an impact.

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This fundraiser supports a campaign: Michigan UCC – United in Love.

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A generous donor is offering a $10,000 match for contributions made to this campaign. Get your donation in today! Michigan UCC – United in Love is a joint effort of United Church of Christ colleagues across Michigan, along with our families, friends and ecumenical partners who are dedicated to the work of relieving medical debt for our neighbors. Our campaign is focused on eliminating medical debt for hundreds of families in Michigan and working together to translate love for our neighbors into action. RIP Medical Debt has acquired a portion of Michigan’s medical debt totaling $4.0 […]

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raised of $1,000 goal

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Give this fundraiser a boost towards success by helping to raise money targeted directly at those in need.

How RIP Works

Over a hundred million Americans, one in three, struggles with the weight of medical debt.

  • You make a donation

    We use data analytics to pinpoint the debt of those most in need: households that earn less than 4x the federal poverty level (varies by state, family size) or whose debts are 5% or more of annual income.

  • RIP buys medical debt at a steep discount

    We buy debt in bundles, millions of dollars at a time at a fraction of the original cost. This means your donation relieves about 100x its value in medical debt.

  • Together we wipe out medical debt

    People across the country receive letters that their debt has been erased. They have no tax consequences or penalties to consider. Just like that, they’re free of medical debt.

Frequent Questions

Yes. We are a 501(c)(3) charity and your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Relevant Documents:

When we purchase a portfolio of medical debt, we abolish debt for individuals who:

  • Earn less than 4x the federal poverty level (varies by state, family size).
  • Debts are 5 percent or more of annual income.

We only buy debt that has been pre-qualified by our partners to meet at least one of these criteria. 

We never collect on debt we purchase, only relieve it.

No. With your help, we abolish medical debt permanently. Recipients have no adverse tax consequences, obligations, or strings attached.

For those whose medical debts are relieved, the relief is a gift from a detached and disinterested third party (RIP) as an act of generosity, so relief of the debt does not count as income to the debtor. We will not file a Form 1099-C with the IRS.

Due to HIPAA laws, RIP Medical Debt cannot disclose the names, contact information or any other specific details of the debt relief beneficiaries.

RIP Medical Debt cannot relieve debt by individual request.

While we would love to help everyone who needs assistance, RIP Medical Debt cannot abolish medical debt for specific individuals. We approach the problem of medical debt by acquiring large portfolios of debt to help thousands of people at once.

Because medical debt affects so many people who may not have debt accounts in the portfolios we purchase, we have compiled a list of resources that may be able to help in ways RIP Medical Debt cannot.

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