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Government Relationship Manager

RIP is looking for a Government Relationship Manager (Manager) to oversee aspects of its government initiatives work. Reporting to the VP, Public Policy, the Manager will be responsible for managing contracts of government-funded abolishment initiatives, assessing government funding opportunities and serving as a liaison between the policy team, program team and government contract work. This includes building a set of relationships with public officials and their staff, providing information, answering questions about our abolishment approach, and ensuring robust and consistent communication internally to fulfill our contractual obligations. The work spans the entire government contracting process from initial engagement with public officials and other stakeholders to the final deliverables that include data reporting, story portfolios and press events. In addition, the Manager’s work will consist of researching, advising on, and writing government grants.

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Data Analyst

Debt Operations

The Data Analyst will play a pivotal role in the debt data process management. Their primary responsibility involves the acquisition, evaluation, and normalization of complex debt files from various trading partners. The role requires a deep understanding of data analysis, report generation, and ensuring the information aligns with the organization’s standards and objectives.

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ETL Developer

Info Systems

The ETL Developer will play a pivotal role in the debt data process management. As an ETL Developer, you will be responsible for data preparation, transformation and load, as well as data analysis and reporting. You will be responsible for performing technical troubleshooting and providing technical expertise for ETL jobs as a part of the overall debt acquisition and abolishment pipeline at RIP Medical Debt.

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Grant & Project Manager


The Grant & Project Manager will be responsible for administration and fiscal reporting of all grants and contracts that have been or may be awarded to the Organization. They will oversee the full lifecycle of each grant, beginning with grant proposal and ending with grant closeout and final reporting. They will report directly to and work closely with VP Finance and Administration. Their main duties will include ensuring timely and accurate operational performance and fiscal reporting. They will also be responsible for optimizing the grant administration process collaborating with key staff, preparing progress reports and budget comparison reports, and ensuring compliance with grant contracts, regulations, and law.

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To apply, send your resume and cover letter to [email protected].