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NBC4 Donates to RIP Medical Debt

Californians owe more than $400 million in medical debt, so NBC4 has made a donation to help relieve some of that debt.

Michigan Nurses Relieve $1 Million in Medical Debt for 500 Families Across the State

Michigan Nurses Association (MNA) members have cleared more than $1 million in medical debt for more than 500 Michigan families in the first such project of its kind in Michigan. This debt relief effort, led by MNA members at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, supports nurses’ call for hospital reforms to ease the burden of excessive medical bills, which is the No. 1 cause of personal bankruptcy.

Pensacola High School students Samir Boussarhane and Falen McClellan were not satisfied with volunteering at a local animal shelter or hospital to meet their school’s requirement for public service as part of an International Baccalaureate Degree program (IBD). They wanted more of a challenge.

Motivated by a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver show, in which the host purchased and abolished almost $15 million in medical debt, the pair last fall decided to emulate his efforts in the Pensacola/Mobile area.

Their goal: raise enough money to buy and abolish $3 million in medical debt in their section of Florida and Alabama. Not so easy, as this would require raising some $30,000 in donations.

SAINT PAUL: June 19, 2017 — RIP Medical Debt and the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) today announced forgiveness of $2.6 million in medical debt. Minnesota Nurses chose to abolish local medical debt  as a gesture of thanks for community support of nurses in a four-week strike, which began a year ago today. At a press conference this morning, Minnesota Nurses marked the occasion by cutting in half a blowup of the debt-buying contract. They used large Chamber of Commerce scissors for the cutting. The “Closing Statement” on display showed that MNA donated $28,000 to RIP Medical Debt for the purchase of  1,833 charged-off accounts, worth an […]

When high school student Samir Boussarhane watched Last Week Tonight as John Oliver triumphantly donate a $15 million medical debt portfolio to RIP Medical Debt, so the debt could be forgiven, Samir knew he had to do something locally to make that kind of impact.