Dollar For - RIP Medical Debt

Dollar For

Over five years ago, Jared Walker’s family experienced a medical crisis. As their medical bills became more and more overwhelming, they could no longer dismiss a nagging thought familiar to many Americans—“how are we going to pay for this?”

This experience inspired Jared to start Dollar For, a nonprofit organization that, through innovative practices and a community-oriented approach, advocates for families with overwhelming medical expenses.

Dollar For specifically supports patients as they navigate notoriously complicated hospital charity care policies. Charity care is a program in all nonprofit and some for-profit hospitals that aids low-income families by reducing their medical bills. Dollar For provides tools for families to quickly know whether they qualify for charity care and advocates for patients to receive their full benefits. 

To date, Dollar For has provided $2,796,420 in medical debt relief. Anyone can apply for support from Dollar For—even if you have already paid your bills! Dollar For’s patient advocacy has not only resulted in medical bill deductions, but also reimbursements when Dollar For reveals a patient was overcharged.

There are always ways to get medical bills reduced, but each system is complicated and unique. Dollar For is an advocate in your corner to help during an incredibly stressful time. 
If you need help paying your medical bills, go to Dollar For to see if you qualify for charity care and see how Dollar For can advocate for you.