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How to Give the Gift of Charity This Holiday Season 

With delivery delays likely and people yet to recover from the pandemic or the year’s fires and floods, a charitable donation on someone’s behalf could be a choice this holiday season.

Americans gave at a record level last year and experts hope that will continue this year as the stock market soars. Donations typically surge at the end of the year, from #GivingTuesday, which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, through the last day of December.

“We’re in the second really unique giving season this year,” said Alix Guerrier, chief executive of GlobalGiving, a nonprofit organization that connects donors to other nonprofits throughout the world.

The pandemic still has its grip on the world, with vaccines available unevenly and economic recovery still shaky in places.

GlobalGiving focuses on community-led organizations that it vets in more than 170 countries, some quite small. Since 2002, it has raised $618 million from more than 1.3 million people. 

“It’s possible to give on behalf on somebody, so for example to an area or a theme that connects with them personally,” he said.