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Join our community of monthly donors set on ending medical debt in America.

About The Alliance

As the nightmare of medical care delivery and billing in the US grows increasingly difficult to navigate, patients are left with bills outstripping years of their hard-earned income – and even the insured are not immune. Now—more than ever—we are calling allies like you to join the fight.

The Medical Debt Relief Alliance is a group of monthly donors who have had enough with the exploitative nature of medical billing in the United States.

Each month, members make a small donation, determined by their own budget, that works to:

Discover fellow nonprofits in the fight against medical debt and economic injustice.

Why Join?

The reasons to join the Alliance are simple: members believe that we, the people, deserve to receive medical attention without suffering financial ruin and social stigma.

64,000,000 Americans
struggle to pay their medical bills.
42% of Adult Americans
took an extra job or worked more hours to cover medical bills
15 million Americans
depleted their savings to cover medical bills in a single year.
One in Five Americans
have delinquent medical debt on their credit reports
Over 60% of Bankruptcies
of all US bankruptcies are tied to medical debt issues.
1 in 3 Fundraisers
on GoFundMe are for medical bills.
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Quarterly Report

Alliance members receive an exclusive Debt Fulfillment Report that details the medical debt purchased and abolished using your donations.

The Debt Fulfillment Report tells you exactly how much debt was bought, where it was purchased, and the average face-value of each account.

You will also receive an update on important mission-related investments made directly due to the collective donations from the Medical Debt Relief Alliance.


The financial and emotional impact of the Medical Debt Relief Alliance is stated best by program beneficiaries and other monthly donors:

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By joining the Medical Debt Relief Alliance, you help thousands of Americans win their private battles with patient billing while also investing in RIP’s capacity to win the broader war against the increasingly unreasonable cost of medical care.

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