T.M. - RIP Medical Debt
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Meet T.M.


“This unexpected and amazing gift literally brought me to tears. I incurred this debt during a horribly difficult time in my life. I was uninsured, unemployed, and without hope. With the help of family, friends, and great counseling, I was able to work my way back a life filled with meaning, productivity, and integrity. Over the years, I worked to steadily pay off the bills I could, but always carried the guilt and shame of unresolved debt. Not only has this gift helped to ameliorate that, but the very idea that anonymous donors want to help other folks in this way is outstanding. I can’t thank all of you enough. Words are inadequate. But I can tell you that now I will be a donor myself. Feel free to share my story. With all my heart, please express my gratitude to every single donor.”