Words From Los Angeles - RIP Medical Debt
February 10, 2017

Words From Los Angeles

Written by Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Founder, A Better Community For All

Sometimes we have an encounter when it’s possible to cut through all the unfamiliar “stranger” qualities that exist in meeting people for the first time. With Jerry Ashton and Craig Antico, the co-founders of RIP Medical Debt, we felt a fast-developing rapport, as if my wife and I were talking with long-time friends or even family.

How often do meetings take place in which absolutely everything outlined before the meeting exactly matched what took place during and after the meeting? To boot, they acknowledged and appreciated our qualifications and our subsequent affirmative actions. These are the relationships most worthy of personal and professional investment.

The subject of the meeting was a mission of these two men (now including me) to address a prominent source of hardship and associated suffering — unpaid and unpayable medical debt. My family and I unfortunately are too-well acquainted with this plight.

Can something actually be done about this rampant problem across such a vast country? Simply put, yes. The first goal is rescuing people from medical debt, and RIP is equipped to do exactly that. With funds raised from donors, RIP goes to the debt market, purchases medical debt, forgives it, and then clears that unpaid item from credit reports.

After we met these two in Los Angeles last week, after learning about their unique approach, my conclusion: I am on board, and I will do what I can as a volunteer to help them reach their goal of abolishing $1 billion in medical debt for Americans.

What can be done? “Provide MAXIMUM support for this worthwhile cause!”

If you agree cooperation and collaboration can be harnessed and put into action, if you are willing to join me, we can actually resolve the impossible problem of medical debt in America.