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Blog:  Please read Jerry Ashton’s 2017 Year in Review blog at Rip Medical Debt 
News: KPIX (CBS) features RIP in story on ‘Better’ drive to forgive $16M in debt
News: Michigan Nurses forgive $1 million in unpaid medical debt for 500 families
News: RIP launches campaign to forgive $50 million in veterans’ medical debt
. News: RIP hosts national mini-summit on Veterans’ Medical Debt in New York

KIRO7 Forgives Medical Debt

KIRO 7 Seattle  helps RIP forgave $1 million in medical debt in western Washington.

NBC Forgives Medical Debt

NBC 4 Los Angeles and RIP helps medical debt disappear for Southern California.

NBC-Texas Forgives Medical XDebt

NBC 5 Dallas pays off $2 million in North Texas medical debt as part of national campaign.

CBS New York reports on one of RIP’s earliest beneficiaries, Paola Gonzalez.

John Oliver live on HBO gave RIP $15 million in medical debt to forgive for 9,000 Americans! Watch the clip.
Unburden our veterans from the weight of unpaid medical debt on top of an already heavy load. Donate today.

.RIP is working to forgive $1 billion in medical debt for Americans

..In The News: Economic Impact Study of Medical Debt Forgiveness, the NY mini-summit
..In The News: RIP forgives $2.6 million in medical debt for Minnesota Nurses Association
..In The News: Healthtech startup ‘Better’ to forgive more medical debt than John Oliver