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RIP is working to forgive $1 billion in medical debt for Americans!

Fast Facts about RIP

  • RIP has abolished $120 million in medical debt for about 60,000 Americans.
  • RIP is a 501(c)(3) charity that locates, buys and forgives medical debt in the USA.
  • RIP abolishes medical debt for the general public, veterans and local communities.
  • RIP donations produce “a lot of bang for the buck,” so  $100 can forgive $1,000 in debt.
  • RIP uses more than 90 percent of all donated funds for directly abolishing medical debt.
  • RIP buys older “portfolios” of unpaid and unpayable medical debt for pennies on the dollar from health care providers and the secondary debt market. (Portfolios contain thousands of bundled medical billing accounts.)
  • RIP is not yet able to handpick and forgive personal medical debt for single individuals. We’re working on it.
  • RIP offers a Debt Forgiveness Registry for the day when we finally can help individuals.
  • RIP supports campaigns to abolish medical debt for local communities. Contact us.

RIP cannot forgive medical debt for ANY individuals by request — not yet!
Debt Forgiveness is TOTALLY RANDOM!

At present, RIP can only purchase thousands of accounts at once in bundled portfolios of unpaid and unpayable medical bills.

To get help someday, join the Debt Forgiveness Registry for that future day when RIP can help individuals. Please accept that we cannot help any individual yet, no matter how worthy.  No use asking. We simply can’t do it, sorry.

For now, joining the REGISTRY is the only option for requesting debt relief from RIP.

KIRO7 Forgives Medical Debt

KIRO 7 Seattle  helps RIP forgive $1 million in medical debt in western Washington.

NBC Forgives Medical Debt

NBC 4 Los Angeles and RIP help medical debt disappear for Southern California.

NBC-Texas Forgives Medical XDebt

NBC 5 Dallas abolishes $2 million in Texas medical debt as part of a national campaign.

CBS New York reports on one of RIP’s earliest beneficiaries, Paola Gonzalez.

John Oliver, live on HBO, gave RIP $15 million in medical debt to forgive for 9,000 Americans! Watch the clip.


Unburden our veterans from the weight of unpaid medical debt on top of an already heavy load. Donate today.

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