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About RIP Medical Debt

RIP Medical Debt locates, buys and forgives medical debt on behalf of individual donors, philanthropists and organizations who step up to provide financial relief for people burdened by unpaid and unpayable medical bills.

RIP was founded in 2014 by two former collections industry executives, Craig Antico and Jerry Ashton. Having worked for decades in health and debt collections, the two were acutely aware of how many Americans shoulder the burden of unpaid medical debt — and the enormity of that debt. Antico and Ashton also knew they were uniquely qualified to help.

Drawing on their experiences and connections, Antico and Ashton developed a strategy to aggressively tackle this scourge. RIP sees debt forgiveness as a collective message of care from and for our communities. They incorporated RIP on July 25, 2014, as Medical Debt Resolution, Inc., a New York-based not-for-profit doing business as RIP Medical Debt.

Funded by the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations, RIP seeks out distressed medical debt in the collections industry and the community of medical providers, including hospitals and medical practices. RIP offers to buy this debt for pennies on the dollar, which is how RIP can make such a significant impact. The average ratio is 1 to 100.  A donation of $50 can buy as much as $5,000 in medical debt, and $1 million can buy $100 MILLION in debt!

Once this debt is in our possession, it is abolished as a gift from RIP to the patient. No strings attached. A gift made possible by complete strangers. People, bailing out people.


Craig Antico, Co-Founder, CEO
Jerry Ashton, Co-Founder, EVP
Robert Goff, Board of Directors

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Jerry Ashton