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Our mailing address:

RIP Medical Debt
80 Theodore Fremd Avenue
Rye, NY 10580

Please contact us using the form below for more information about RIP, our programs, and how we can work with you to abolish unpaid and unpayable medical debt. We suggest that before you send an email, first read our FAQ and How it Works pages to see if these answer your questions.

Forgive Debt: If you wish to organize a medical debt forgiveness campaign, or if you wish to discuss making a major donation to RIP, please click the related checkboxes below.

Get Help: Please join our Debt Forgiveness Registry. We regret that we cannot forgive medical debt for individuals, not yet. For now, we can only crosscheck the Registry against the available “portfolios” of bundled medical debts on the secondary debt market that RIP buys and forgives. Joining the Registry is your best chance. Kindly read the Get Help page to answer your questions before you contact us here. Thanks!

Are you with the press? Please visit our pressroom.

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