The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector - RIP Medical Debt
November 9, 2015

The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector

NEW YORK — RIP Co-Founder Jerry Ashton and Board member Robert Goff have co-authored a medical debt survival guide, a timely critique that only “insiders with an edge” could have put together.

Is the book needed? Almost 43 million Americans have unpaid debt today. Medical debt is cited in more than 60 percent of all personal bankruptcies. One in 10 of the 12.5 million non-elderly veterans report having neither health insurance nor Veterans Affairs’ health care.

The Patient, The Doctor and the Bill Collector. A Medical Debt Survival Guide (PDBC) cuts cleanly through the Gordian Knot of industry rules and shortcomings, laying bare the insidious influence of special interests that do not have the patients’ economics in mind. The big picture is not pretty, but it needs to be known, so we can make better decisions — individually and as a nation.

A Medical Debt Survival Guide

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