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Hotspots are regions RIP has identified where a lot of qualified medical debt is available to purchase and actively burdening people who live there. Donations to hotspots relieve medical debt directly in that region, state, or community.

Campaign Created ByRIP Medical Debt
Campaign Created ByRIP Medical Debt
Campaign Created ByRIP Medical Debt

Local Campaigns

Community-led campaigns work to erase medical debt in specific regions. There are always active campaigns across the country.


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Associate Director of Development

Created By:St. Frances of Rome Church
Created By:Marin Deanery of the Episcopal Diocese of California
Created By: Westminster Presbyterian Church, Arlington
Created By:RIP Medical Debt
Campaign Name: No Peach Left Behind
Created By:
RIP Medical Debt
Created By:St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Created By:Presbytery of Wabash Valley (PWV)
Created By:St. James Episcopal Church (Westwood), OH & St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Newport), KY
Created By:RIP Medical Debt
Created By:St James’ Episcopal Church Dexter, MI
Created By:The Crossing MO/MI
Created By:Plymouth Church UCC (Fort Wayne, IN), First Congregational UCC (Angola, IN), and Peace UCC (Fort Wayne, IN)
Campaign Name: TL vs Twitch Challenge
Created By:
Created By:1798, LLC
Campaign Name: Jerry Ashton Birthday Campaign
Created By:
Jerry Ashton, Co-founder of RIP Medical Debt
Created By:Georgetown MBA Students
Created By:Jean Rule
Created By:Joyce Bloom
Campaign Name: Students in Action
Created By:
RIP Medical Debt
Campaign Name: Tech Relieves Debt
Created By:
Scott Crawford
Campaign Name: Madeline and Joe’s Wedding Registry
Created By:
Madeline Decker and Joseph Koscinski
Campaign Name: Shmita Debt Release
Created By:
Lisa Grafstein
Created By:Indiana University Student Organizations
Created By:The Syriac Orthodox Mission Congregation
Created By:Saloni Singh
Created By: The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection
Created By:Winter Park Presbyterian Church
Campaign Name: Highland Park Church Campaign
Created By:
Highland Park Church
Created By:Butler Benefits
Campaign Name: San Antonio, TX
Created By:
Created By:RIP Medical Debt

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